Kerri E

“A friend referred me to Kristie and Dave when I adopted a puppy, and they have been amazing to work with. The pickup and drop offs they provide make it so easy with my busy work schedule. They truly love animals and Lenny is always very excited to go spend time with them! It has also helped him learn socialization with other dogs and I love knowing that when I am away, Lenny is spending time in a home with a family, rather than in a kennel. The app available for scheduling makes arranging visits easy and stress free! I love that I can see updates on the Instagram page and I know that Lenny is happy and in great hands when I am away.”

Prince and his parents Roberta and Joe

“After 10 years in the same place I moved with my humans from having a big backyard on Long Island to an apartment on Rittenhouse Square. I was stressed out about the elevator and making new friends. Then I met a new human named Dave. He took me for a car ride to his house and let me sleep on the couch. I made so many new friends there and now I get to go for sleepovers at Dave and Kristie’s whenever my parents go away. I also go out every evening for a city walk with Jesse and am so excited to see him that I wait by the door for him to come. I love Philadelphia and Philly Pet Care. Hope you get to go there and meet Dave and Kristie and go for long city walks with Jesse too. I am loving my new life.”

Liza Z

“Kristie and Dave, owners of Philly Pet Care, are simply amazing! We send our dog to them everyday and they have become his second family! They truly go above and beyond to make sure our fur baby is well taken care of!”

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