Dog, Cat & Critter Care in Philadelphia

Find the perfect service for your loved pet below. No surprise fees or charges. No timed visits — we don’t watch the clock; we watch your pet! We know not every day or every pet is the same and we make sure to accommodate whatever your pet’s needs are at the time of our visits.


$25 per visit

By far our most popular and beneficial service! Let your dog get out its wiggles and go potty on these walks with other fur friends. Pups look forward to seeing their pals and getting in some sniffs before heading out on a structured walk through your neighborhood. Socializing, combined with a walk with opportunities to take care of their business, leaves your pup comfortable and relaxed until you are able to get to them again.

These walks work well for most dogs, however your pup must be friendly with other dogs and have a sturdy collar or harness so we can maintain safety on our walks.

Private Dog Walks

$27 per walk

We realize not every pup is made the same. If yours is not ready or not a good candidate for a group walk, we can offer a private walk with just the walker and your fur baby. Let us know what your concerns are and we can work toward getting them ready for group walks. Or if you prefer, and just need some private time, we are ready to accommodate.



This service lets your cat stay in the comfort of their own home environment. Let us know all your cat’s quirks and we will be sure to accommodate their needs. This service includes, but isn’t limited to, litter scooping or changes, feedings, water changes, cleaning cat messes, and lots and lots of kitty loving (as long as your kitty is interested!!).

Please inquire about medication administration.


$25 per visit

Going out of town? We understand when traveling, you want to relax and not worry about your beloved pet left at home. Here’s where we come in! You pick the time frames and we’ll take care of feedings, walks or scoops, and keep your pet safe, happy and healthy while you are away. We can make several trips to your house throughout the day.

Some pets may not be ideal candidates for being left home alone overnight. If you have any questions about this service, please contact us to discuss options.



We own and operate Philadelphia’s only legally zoned and licensed in-home dog daycare. We open our home to your pet, where they can socialize with a small number of friends and enjoy structured group walks throughout the day. A perfect solution for those super busy or long days.

Dog Daycare always includes transportation to and from your house with no additional fees. Daycare is offered Monday-Friday. Pick-up time is between 8 and 10 am and drop-off time is between 4 and 6 pm. We must have access to your house and you must live within the service area on our map.



Don’t have a dog or cat? We love all pets!

Let us know about your rabbit, hamster, fish, rat, guinea pig, turtle, snake, chinchilla, ferret (or whatever you may have!) and their needs and we’ll figure out a plan to accommodate them while you’re away.

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