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Philly Pet Care is a pet sitting and dog walking company owned and run by a husband and wife team with a deeply-rooted love of animals. In 2006, we decided to turn our passion for pets into a business, starting with a dog walking and cat care company based out of our Center City apartment. A year later, a move to the Fairmount section of Philadelphia allowed us to expand the business to include overnight stays for dogs. From there, our doggy daycare was born! In 2008, we made the move to South Philadelphia, to our permanent home base for Philly Pet Care, where we have welcomed and connected with so many furry friends.

We provide loving, detailed care for your beloved pets in our fully-equipped facility, and we are equally as excited to take care of your loved ones in their own homes, too, if that’s what you or they prefer. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to say that we love what we do!


Meet Our Pack Leaders

Kristie Glazer- About Us

Kristie Glazer




After graduating from college in Georgia, my husband, Dave, and I thought we would like to move back up north to be closer to family. We settled in Philadelphia and I started working a sales job for a shipping company, but quickly realized that was not what I was meant to do.

My love was with animals and I reevaluated what would make me happy in a job. It was so clear to me that I should start a pet care company. I call it my Oprah “ah ha!” moment. When Dave came home from work that night, I told him about my idea. I said I was going to quit my job and become a full-time dog walker and pet sitter. Dave thought it was a great idea and was totally supportive.

In addition to loving what I do for work, I am the proud mom to our son, Connor, and two fur kids, Street Cat and Diesel.

David Glazer- About Us

David Glazer


Pet Care Professional


When Kristie started Philly Pet Care, I was in the middle of what I thought would be my life’s career, working as a chef. I quickly became jealous of her pet sitting adventures and was always doing sits and walks when I wasn’t cooking at work. She finally got the business to the point where she was too busy to take it on alone. When she brought up the idea for me to quit my chef job and join the team, it was a no-brainer and I was ecstatic to work full-time on our new partnership.

Walking and being around dogs has taught me so much about patience, respect, and loyalty, which I am happy to be able to share with my beautiful son, Connor, who adores all of our own fur friends and our visiting ones, too.

When I started culinary school after high school, I never imagined I would own a pet sitting company one day, but there is nothing more I would want to do and I feel honored to be able to work with so many wonderful animals on a daily basis.

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