January 13, 2021


How do we keep our staff and clients safe during the Covid 19 pandemic

We have been adjusting and following CDC guidelines since the start of the pandemic. The health and safety of our staff, pets and owners is our top priority during these unusual and challenging times. We require our staff to wear masks whenever inside homes or with pets. In addition, if there are times when we will cross paths with you, we ask that you also wear a mask so we may keep each other safe. We will hand sanitize upon entering and leaving home, and limit our person-to-person contact by keeping a six foot distance at all times. Lastly, our staff is required to report any Covid 19 symptoms, including fever. They are not permitted to work while they are experiencing symptoms and must be Covid tested if they have know exposure.

Are we able to meet you before our first visit?

YES. Meet and greets for new clients can be done via zoom or FaceTime. Once you sign up with us, we will send you a link with date and time so you can show us around your place. After that, we can meet up at an outdoor location to exchange keys and meet your dog at a social distance. Please remember to mask up:)

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